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This Day is the Proudest Day of My Life! by Julius Streicher

This brief speech was delivered on the day that the NSDAP banners were raised over the Nuremberg city government.


This Day is the Proudest Day of My Life!

by Julius Streicher

9 March 1933 in Nuremberg

My German racial comrades! Shame and disgrace ruled here for fourteen years. Today, however, the flags of National Socialist Germany fly from this building as true symbols of German rebirth. In 1924, the police threw us National Socialists out of this building. Today we enter as victors! Once again, German thinking will hold sway. Cowardice has given way and one now speaks again of German justice, which had formerly been banned.



My racial comrades! Do you hear the church bells ringing for the new Germany? Let me say and affirm: “Today is the proudest day of my life! Let us all thank God that it has come! Be thankful that you may experience this hour! Once Hans Sachs [the Meistersinger of Nuremberg] was hailed by the citizens of Nuremberg on the festival grounds. Today, all of Nuremberg celebrates Adolf Hitler. The flags now being raised atop this building will fly there forever. He who sins against them deserves death. We have borne many sorrows and made many heavy sacrifices. Daily we met disloyalty and betrayal. We overcame all these difficulties and emerged victorious from the hard battle. This hour is therefore holy to us, and will forever remain so! I have longed for the day when I could tell the Führer that Nuremberg belonged to him. Today is that day! I am reconciled to my fate. I have forgotten the days that are behind me. Nuremberg, the proud city of the Meistersingers, has become German and will forever remain German! Raise high the flags! Adolf Hitler, Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany: Sieg Heil!








Source: Julius Streicher, Kampf dem Weltfeind. Reden aus der Kampfzeit (Nuremberg: Verlag Der Stürmer, 1938), pp. 143-148.



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