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The Giftpilz - The Poisonous Mushroom

How a German peasant was driven from house and farm – From The children’s book Giftpilz (The Poison Mushroom)

Daddy, some day when I have my own farm, no Jew
will enter my house.

How a German peasant was driven from 1

Little Paul is frightfully shocked. His eyes sparkle with anger. What a mean Jew! he says. Then he is silent
awhile. Full of loathing, he looks at the Jew. He would like best to break the water jug on the creature’s head.
But what could the little fellow do! That would not help his neighbour.

Father, when I am grown up and have a farm of my own, I will always think of our neighbor. And no Jew shall
ever enter my house. I will write on the door: Jews prohibited! And if a Jew were to come in, I would at once
throw him out!

The father nods:
Right, Paul! One should have nothing to do with a Jew. The Jew will always cheat us. The Jew will take from
us all we possess. Every peasant must make a note of that!

Yes, says little Paul, and I will always think of the saying that teacher has taught us at school:

How a German peasant was driven from 2


cover pic of book the poisonous mushroomThe book for German children, published by Julius Streicher called the Giftpilz (The Poison Mushroom) sought to educate children in the ways of the jüdischen Parasiten. It is still true today and there are lessons to be learned from it, not just for children either!



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