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The Giftpilz - The Poisonous Mushroom

The experience of Hans and Else with a strange man – From The children’s book Giftpilz (The Poison Mushroom)

Here, kids, I have some candy for you. But you both
have to come with me.

The experience of Hans and Else with a 1

Else begins to have plenty of sweets.

Hans asks from where they are coming.

I have got them from a strange man. But don’t tell mother! The man strictly forbade me to do so!

Hans is curious. They arrange to go together. The man wants them to go with him.

Hans hesitates — Hans thought:

What does the man want of us? Why should we go with him?

Suddenly a great fear comes over him.

You are a Jew! he cries, and, seizing his sister, runs off as fast as his legs will carry him. At the corner of the
street he meets a policeman. Quickly Hans tells his story. The policeman gets on his motorbike and soon
overtakes the strange man. He handcuffs him and takes him to prison.

At home, subsequently, there is great rejoicing. The police praise Hans for being a brave lad. His mother gives
him a large piece of chocolate while teaching him the following saying:

The experience of Hans and Else with a 2


cover pic of book the poisonous mushroomThe book for German children, published by Julius Streicher called the Giftpilz (The Poison Mushroom) sought to educate children in the ways of the jüdischen Parasiten. It is still true today and there are lessons to be learned from it, not just for children either!



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