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The Giftpilz - The Poisonous Mushroom

Why the Jews let themselves be baptised – From The children’s book Giftpilz (The Poison Mushroom)

Baptism didn’t make a Gentile out of him.

Why the Jews let themselves be baptised 1

Anne says:
Do you know our Girls’ Leader once told us: Just as little as a Negro can be made into a German by
baptism, can a Jew be made into a non Jew.
Grete stamps her feet angrily on the ground:
I do not understand these priests who go on baptising Jews even today. By doing so they admit a criminal mob
into the churches.
Anne concludes:
I believe a time will come when the Christians will curse the clergy who once allowed Jews to enter the
Christian Church. For the Jews only want to destroy the Christian Church. And they will destroy it if our clergy
go on allowing Jews to enter. There is a saying:

Why the Jews let themselves be baptised 2

cover pic of book the poisonous mushroomThe book for the German children, published by Julius Streicher called the Giftpilz (The Poison Mushroom) sought to educate children in the ways of the jüdischen Parasiten. It is still true today and there are lessons to be learned from it, not just for children either!



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