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The Giftpilz - The Poisonous Mushroom

Are there decent Jews? – From The children’s book Giftpilz (The Poison Mushroom)

People are always saying that we Jews cheat other
people, that we lie and deceive. Not a word of it is
true. We Jews are the most decent people in the

Are there decent Jews 1

Four Germans sit talking in a public house. One is a Jew, Salomon, who is telling the others that the Jews are
the most decent people to be found anywhere.
Zimmermann won’t have it and cites cases of Jewish rogues he has met.
The Jew gets uneasy, and seeks a way out by saying:
Oh well, but those are exceptions!
The peasant joins in the talk and supports Zimmermann.
Salomon gets angry. He has paid for the beer and still must listen to that sort of talk from them.
You talk a lot of stupid nonsense! he cries, but not a word about decent Jews. And there are plenty of decent
Jews. Am I not one? Was I not a soldier at the front? Did I not defend the Fatherland. Have I not paid for your
beer, you impudent creatures, stupid Goys!
There is silence in the room. Then the worker gets up who has said little, and throws a coin to the Jew.
Finished, Salomon. Here is your money. We will not have you paying for us. But now you shall have the truth!
You liar! You never heard a bullet. You were indispensable, and stayed at home profiteering, then you were
with the Reds, calling Down with Germany! Long live the World Revolution! And now you are a decent
Jew? Not a bit of it! There aren’t any decent Jews.
Salomon picks up his hat and runs like the Devil from the public house. Everybody laughs.
What a pity he has gone! says Zimmermann. I should like to have repeated the following saying to him:

Are there decent Jews 2



cover pic of book the poisonous mushroomThe book for German children, published by Julius Streicher called the Giftpilz (The Poison Mushroom) sought to educate children in the ways of the jüdischen Parasiten. It is still true today and there are lessons to be learned from it, not just for children either!



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