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One more day of cruelty, Excerpt from ‘Zwiespalt der Gemüter’ by Alexander Hoyer

Excerpt from the book  ‘Zwiespalt der Gemüter’ by Alexander Hoyer: “In the night of May 4-5, 1945 the mass murders began in Prague. The most gruesome events of the Middle Ages pale in comparison to the murderous blood lust that played itself out in the streets, houses and most of all the hospitals of Prague. … Continue reading

14th February 1945 (Ugly Wednesday) – The Day Prague Was Mistaken For …DRESDEN!!

Air war above the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. May 1944 is generally regarded as the start of the air war in the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. As part of Operation Pointblank, allied air forces launched an offensive aimed at striking the German petrochemical industry. The American Air Force together with the British Royal Air … Continue reading

The ‘Accidental’ Bombing of Prague as seen through the lens of Stanislav Maršál

Stanislav Maršál started taking photographs immediately after the air raid, capturing mainly Vinohrady but also the heavily damaged Benedictine Monastery Na Slovanech and Charles Square. He was one of the very few who documented the dead bodies of air raid victims, be it directly on the spot where they died or in churches where they … Continue reading