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Roland Fountain Statues

Roland was a popular legendary figure in medieval Europe. Over the next several centuries, Roland became an iconic figure in medieval minstrel culture. Many legends made him a nephew of Charlemagne (whether or not this was true is unknown), and turned his life into an epic tale of the noble Christian killed by Islamic forces, … Continue reading

Kurt Eggers – National Socialist Warrior-Poet

Kurt Eggers was the editor of the SS newspaper Das Schwarze Korps and an SS war correspondent. After he was killed on the Russian front in 1943, an SS regiment was named after him: the SS-Standarte Kurt Eggers. In short, Kurt Eggers was a true National Socialist warrior-poet, whose works provide a fascinating look into … Continue reading

Nürnberg Reichsparteitages 1936

The NSDAP put out an official account of the Nürnberg Rallies each year from 1933 to 1938. Each party rally was given a name. 1936 was Der Parteitag der Ehre (The Party Rally of Honor) See link below for the introduction: https://diewahrheitistwieeingewitter.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/der-parteitag-der-ehre-the-party-rally-of-honor-by-dr-walther-schmitt/     There were three key themes at the 1936 rally: The evils of Bolshevism, … Continue reading

The Transformation of the German Press in National Socialist Germany by Max Amann – Nürnberg Reichsparteitages 1936

This is Max Amann’s speech at the 1936 Nuremberg Rally, taken from the official party proceedings. Amann was one of Hitler’s oldest friends, and controlled the NSDAP’s publishing system.   The National Socialist seizure of power gave us the task of forming all of German life according to the spirit of National Socialism. The Führer’s … Continue reading

Das Gesicht des deutschen Hauses (The Face of the German House) by Herbert Noth

  The NSDAP values were a major part of a worldview for most German families, which was able to provide guidance in all areas of life including domestic architecture. This article, taken from a monthly German gardening publication, outlines what a house ought to look like.   It is consistent with our age and its national … Continue reading

One more day of cruelty, Excerpt from ‘Zwiespalt der Gemüter’ by Alexander Hoyer

Excerpt from the book  ‘Zwiespalt der Gemüter’ by Alexander Hoyer: “In the night of May 4-5, 1945 the mass murders began in Prague. The most gruesome events of the Middle Ages pale in comparison to the murderous blood lust that played itself out in the streets, houses and most of all the hospitals of Prague. … Continue reading

14th February 1945 (Ugly Wednesday) – The Day Prague Was Mistaken For …DRESDEN!!

Air war above the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. May 1944 is generally regarded as the start of the air war in the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. As part of Operation Pointblank, allied air forces launched an offensive aimed at striking the German petrochemical industry. The American Air Force together with the British Royal Air … Continue reading

The ‘Accidental’ Bombing of Prague as seen through the lens of Stanislav Maršál

Stanislav Maršál started taking photographs immediately after the air raid, capturing mainly Vinohrady but also the heavily damaged Benedictine Monastery Na Slovanech and Charles Square. He was one of the very few who documented the dead bodies of air raid victims, be it directly on the spot where they died or in churches where they … Continue reading

The Launching of the Kreigsmarine Training Ship Horst Wessel – by Rudolf Hess

Horst Wessel was one of the “martyrs” of the NSDAP movement, he wrote what became the “Horst Wessel Lied,” the NSDAP anthem. Rudolf Hess gave this speech on 13 June 1936 at the launching of a training ship named after Wessel.   This ship is to bear the name of the poet and fighter at … Continue reading

To the Front Fighters of the World by Rudolf Hess

This July 1934 speech by Rudolf Hess claims that because the NSDAP leadership had experienced the horrors of trench warfare during World War I, they favoured peace. The speech was delivered to the Gau Party Rally in East Prussia, but was intended for an international audience as well.   In a few weeks, it will … Continue reading